Rosie Bryant: A life-long fingerprint on a lasting company

My life at Welch Allyn began fifty-one years ago on July 9, 1964. One of the main things I remember was that there were no signs outside identifying Welch Allyn.

My experience at Welch Allyn was similar to the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life". We had spent our time at the Jordan Road facility with no air conditioning and boy, it sure was cold in the winter! Our major products included ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, blades and sigmoidoscopes. I believe we also made a wall unit to hang all of our products, but our biggest breakthrough was with the production of lamps and fiber optics, and in the 1970s we started to make industrial products. At Welch Allyn we were a small, interactive group, which resulted in us becoming a close-knit family. There were no computers so Rocky Bills, along with a few sales people, received all the orders.

We made our big move to the brand new State Street plant in August of 1980. Boy, it sure was nice to have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter! The industry was always evolving and becoming more high tech, so in order for us to compete, Welch Allyn had to continue to expand both within the US and internationally. During this time our products expanded to EKG's, various types of blood pressure units and cuffs, and other instruments containing state-of-the-art software. Over my forty-nine year career I had the privilege of working with eight incredible CEOs. Each CEO was unique in how they ran the company, but they were all the same when it came to how nice they were!

Always remember Welch Allyn has given many people in the area jobs and security to raise their families. As for myself, I have been given the opportunity to travel during my retirement. I have great memories and feel it is a great place to work!

-Rosie Bryant